Welcome to Vermont’s Mad River Valley

Where many come for the mountains but stay for the authentic experience the Valley offers all year long. The Mad River Valley is a unique combination of community and resort, that has to be visited—or moved to—to really appreciate. Just to give you a flavor before you can make it here, we encourage you watch “Almost There”. This video has a cast from all over the valley plus visitors. Once you watch it you will realize why those who live here are passionate about the valley, and why you should get here as soon as you can! It runs about 20 minutes, and there is a neat encore after the credits!

The Valley is tucked between two legendary mountain resorts, Sugarbush and Mad River Glen, and it’s no surprise our town of Waitsfield was voted best ski town in the East by Outside Magazine. The same publication named Waitsfield as one of 2013’s Best Towns. The Valley is breathtaking and easy-going all at once, yet rich with diversions for every taste. Best of all, we’ve got an uncanny ability to make you feel welcome, no matter where you turn. The Mad River Valley – our vibe is hard to define, and impossible to forget.

“Well known as a winter skiing destination — it is home to the sprawling Sugarbush resort and ‘ski it if you can’ Mad River Glen — the valley reveals itself in warmer weather, when history, culture and a hyperlocal food scene come to the fore.”
– Kathryn Matthews, New York Times