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My Turning Point Coaching & Retreats Offers:

Summer Sale: 40% off of Amy’s rates for a solo VIP retreat through September.

  • Life Changing, Customized, Solo VIP, Couple’s Renewal, and Group Leadership Retreat Experiences In The Mad River Valley

  • One-On-One Coaching (Life, Business, Spiritual & Health) (In person, on the phone, or Skype or Zoom)

  • Transform Your Life Home Study Guide (Available September 2017)

  • Twelve Week Online Mastermind Groups (Coming Fall 2017)


Visiting the Mad River Valley? Live within driving distance?

Do you find yourself at a crossroads in your personal and/or professional life and deeply crave a turning point?

Stay at your favorite place here (or commute from home) and let My Turning Point give you the customized and personal attention you need to help turn your vision into action.

We’ll chat on the phone to create your personalized retreat experience. We will determine how many hours you want to spend and which activities and tools will bring you the best results for you. Solo VIP retreats and couple’s renewal retreats. Then I’ll send you my personal assessment, which many people tell me gets the energy moving in the right direction just by filling it out. We’ll book our time together and create a life changing experience.

What are some of the options for our work together?

  • Laser life coaching with Amy (This is at the core of our work together and can be done while walking in nature or hiking)

  • Coaching experience with horses. This often leads to profound “aha moments” as horses, by their very nature as prey animals are hypervigilant to our body language, heart rate, thoughts, and energy. They serve as excellent feedback machines, or mirrors, to what may be going on inside of us that may not yet be conscious.

  • Mindfulness Activities (mindful eating, listening, walking, communicating)

  • Organic food growing, preparing and eating (can include juicing)

  • Visioning (such as creating a vision board) & Journaling exercises

  • Using herbs as medicine. Spend time with my favorite local herbalist and me taking an herb walk and then creating a custom tincture, balm or tea for your needs.

  • Participate in a “Letting Go Of What Is No Longer Needed” Ritual. (Energy clearing techniques. Letting go rituals-could be over a campfire, or at a unique natural spot where the White River and Mad River meet and flow in opposite directions.)

  • Get a massage or acupuncture treatment;  take a yoga class; go out to dinner; relax, read, sight see; and unwind in the river.

Deep down you know it’s time to create powerful change from the inside out. Are you ready and committed to achieve your goals? Maybe you’ve tried a variety of personal and spiritual growth tools but you just haven’t gotten the results that you were looking for. Laser focused life & spiritual coaching together with earth based, hands on, experiential tools may be the combination you need for a breakthrough. We specialize in helping you create a breakthrough:

  • Uncover what may be blocking your ability to realize your goals (shine a light on the beliefs, thoughts, and patterns of behavior that are not serving you in moving in the direction that you want to go and replacing them with better ones that do serve you.)

  • Help you discover how you show up, and how to feel more connected to your best self, others, and nature

  • Clarify your next steps and create an action plan

  • Help you stay accountable, and

  • Ultimately, consciously create the life you really want.

You don’t have to settle. You CAN have what you want. We practice what we preach and share the things that have worked for us.

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