90-100 State Workers Relocating to Valley

Approximately 90-100 Vermont State employees are expected to move into the Northern Power building at the Mad River Park north of Waitsfield in the coming weeks. It is unclear for how long these workers will be housed at that location, but several months at the least. The chamber wishes to welcome these workers to the Valley with “welcome bags” filled with offers and items from local merchants.

These “new jobs” in Waitsfield could have a potential positive impact on businesses, particularly in Waitsfield, as workers purchase lunch, hardware, gasoline, groceries, fitness facility, and general shopping. We would like to make this opportunity available for chamber member businesses to introduce local businesses to this potential new market.
If any business would like to participate in this outreach, bring 100 of “something” (like a gift certificate or product sample) to the chamber. Chamber staff is putting together Welcome Bags donated by Mehuron’s Market.  Please contact the chamber at 496-3409 if you plan to participate. Items should be delivered to the chamber office at the General Wait House by November 4.