A Family Affair!


Water runs in their blood, but not the way you might think!  Jen Fleckenstein and her brother Steve Parker grew up under the tutelage of their father, Jim Parker, founder of Clear Water Filtration.  Looking for a solution to iron-tainted water, Jim started his company in 1980 out of an airplane hangar!

Today, Jen and Steve own and run the business out of a new building in the Mad River Business Park.  They have continued to find solutions to water problem in many ways that might not readily come to mind.

Did you know that good water equals good milk? Clear Water Filtration works with dairy farms to improve the water their cows drink which will produce better milk.  Check out this video about the process and of course the adorable cows!


In other cases, they treat the water before it goes through a process like a boiler, or a humidifier for cheesemaking for a customer like Jasper Hills.

Everyone loves our local milk and cheese, but Vermonters REALLY love craft beer!  Clear Water Filtration works with breweries all over the state to make sure their water is pure before starting the beer-making process. When working with Lawson’s Finest Liquids, “they looked at the quality of the water and the efficiency of the system” as their top priorities.

Clear Water filtration is also making water safe for our kids with filtration systems at elementary schools, high schools, Vermont Tech College and UVM too.

They also work with ski resorts such as Mad River Glen, and exclusive hotels like The Pitcher Inn to keep their guest experience top notch.

Jen and Steve keep busy even after they are done making our water safe. Steve has always been drawn to “things that go fast” such as planes, motorcycles and 4-wheelers.  He loves riding through the mountains of Vermont on his motorcycle.  But most of all he loves spending time with his wife and 2 young children, working on the latest fort!

Jen is also a high-level, competitive dancer who now likes to spend more time with her two boys.   She loves to embrace the outdoors here in the MRV and is the first to jump at any adventure!

Thank you to Jen, Steve and Clear Water Filtration for their long-time commitment to the Mad River Valley and for being such a loyal member of the Mad River Valley Chamber of Commerce.