Welcome Center Volunteer Information

Access to the Space
If the Welcome Center is not open when you arrive you can access the space with the keyless entry pad on the door (see image). The combination is 3-4-0-9 which happens to be the last 4 digits of the MRV Chamber’s phone number. Punch in the numbers and then press the lock/unlock key. If you leave and there is no one to relieve you press the lock/unlock key on your way out to lock the door.

Network – MRV Welcome Center
Password – 1luvmrv!
Please feel free to share with all visitors that need it.

Signing up for Shifts
Register for shifts on SignUp.Com our scheduling platform
. You are encouraged to carve out a regular shift that you can commit to each week if at all possible. This enables us to consistently offer the most complete coverage that we can.

The reception desk computer is available for your use. You can use it to stream video to the new TV on the wall. it is also available to share information with our guests. I plan to have a printer hooked up to it within the next week or two.

TV Monitor
The new TV’s remote control is the black Samsung one on the reception desk. Please keep it there.

The bathrooms are located in the hallway between our space and the restaurant and they are available to our visitors. They are VERY popular!

Recreational Trail Maps
If someone wants to purchase one of the Trail Maps on the Reception Desk they can do so by purchasing them online using their credit cards. Have them go to our website at www.madrivervalley.com and look for the shopping cart icon on the right side of the blue banner on the home page (see image below). From there they can scroll down to the map product description and add it to their carts. If they want to pay with cash they can but I don’t have a cash box so they will need exact change. Just put the cash under the base of the reception desk computer. I will come up with a better solution shortly.

Procedures / Daily Checklist
What needs to be done

Commonly Asked Questions 
You’ll be suprised what folks want to know!

Food & Drink
Specific recommendations based what people are looking for

Where to Stay
So many great options along with a tool to determine occupancy by date

Trail recommendation by ability level along with an area map with links to individual trails

A guide to swimming hole option all around the MRV

Driving tour suggestions near and far

Things for Kids
Lots of options for the kiddos