Cabot Creamery Cooperative Celebrates a Century [Now, say that 5 times fast!]

Vermont.  What comes to mind?  Rolling green mountains, luscious landscapes, piles of snow (especially this winter!).  Fresh air, pasturing cows, quaint villages, smiling people.  Art, beer, food, farms.  The World’s Best Cheddar.

For most of us who live here or visit here (or who romanticize about living or visiting here) the Vermont brand conjures images of beauty, talented people, community, and deliciousness. The Vermont brand has a reputation of quality because Vermonters have demonstrated it as fact for a very long time.  Enter Cabot.

You know Cabot!  They make that yummy seriously sharp Cheddar cheese with the buffalo check label that you eat with your apple pie, and the super spicy Hot Habanero cheese that adds a kick to your homemade nachos (tip: a dollop of Cabot sour cream cools it down).  You know the little gold-foil wrapped pads of butter that come with your pancakes and maple syrup at restaurants all over the country?  Yes, that’s Cabot too.  And, the list goes on:  Classic Cheddar, Vintage and Legacy Cheddar, Colby Jack, yogurts, dips, whipping cream, whipped cream… yum.

So here’s the very Vermont thing about Cabot: it’s owned by farmers.  It’s been owned by farmers for 100 years.  True story.  In 1919, 94 farmers formed the Cabot Creamery Co-op, now, it is owned by 800 farmers!

How does that work, you wonder?  The 800 farm families who own Cabot, have regional elections to determine which 14 farmers serve on the Board of Directors and who serves on the Resolutions Committee, as Voting Representatives, and as Young Co-operator Representatives.  Business decisions are made by the farmers, and 100% of profits are returned to the farm families.

It works.  And, it works well.  Cabot won World’s Best Cheddar at the World Cheese Championship, and have won every major award for taste.

And, I don’t know about you, but this story makes my cheese cravings sweeter.

The World’s Best Cheddar has its corporate offices right here in our Mad River Valley.  We asked them why, and here’s what they said, “This is an outstanding community in a beautiful setting. We are longtime partners with Sugarbush, fellow Co-op Mad River Glen, and others. We have employees who are involved with the Mad River Valley Rotary, and we love the Mad River Taste Place. We have enjoyed engaging with the Mad River Valley community and are so grateful for the warm welcome since we moved here in 2014. The beautiful commute, outstanding restaurants and local businesses, and opportunities for outdoor activity have made for a very smooth, enjoyable transition for our team.”

Thank you for the accolades, Cabot.  It means a lot to us, coming from you!  On behalf of all your friends and neighbors in the Mad River Valley: Congratulations on 100 years, and best wishes for the next 100!