Individual Membership

Are you invested in the Valley?

Are you someone who loves the Mad River Valley and wants to make a difference in advancing the economic vitality of this place we love?  The Mad River Valley Chamber of Commerce invites you to join our momentum in ensuring a healthy economy for our future while retaining the unique attributes that make this place so special.

What stands out for you?

  • An amazing community of people
  • A clear commitment to a high quality of life
  • Incredible beauty and natural resources in all four seasons
  • The surge of economic vitality spreading across the Valley

Please join us as we focus our resources to enable local businesses to thrive.  The Mad River Valley Chamber of Commerce is bringing the community together to attract visitors, and ensure their visits are memorable enough to want to return.

The Chamber is actively:

  • Executing its strategic plan focused on destination marketing
  • Promoting a common Mad River Valley brand across businesses and organizations
  • Increasing traffic to the Visitor Center (+400% in the past year)
  • Attracting new business partners
  • Supporting business members as they enhance their services and customer experience

Our momentum is strong and getting stronger.  Will you join us?

  • Invest $120 (or more if you wish!) by becoming an Individual Community Supporter of the Chamber
  • Be recognized on our website
  • Participate in Chamber discounts
  • Join us for Chamber events and functions

For details, please contact Eric Friedman, Executive Director at or 802-496-3460.

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