First Impressions

My first few weeks on the job have certainly been interesting, eye-opening and frankly a whole lot of fun. Getting into a new routine after so many years up at Mad River Glen has been challenging but I am incredibly energized by this unique opportunity and have begun to get a handle on how best to tackle this endeavor.

The Mad River Valley Chamber of Commerce is an organization I know well and have been involved in for a long time. I served on the Board of Trustees for a dozen years and was intimately involved in developing the budget and managing the marketing effort during a period when our resources where far more abundant. Since that time our world has changed dramatically in many ways and the Chamber has needed to re-invent itself. While I have been aware of the changes the organization was taking on I wasn’t fully aware of the what had gone into the transformation. Frankly, it is incredibly impressive and more than I ever have imagined and I would imagine that you would be equally impressed.

I was heartened to learn how much time, effort and courage the current Board expended as it worked to ensure the chamber remains a relevant organization that is able to achieve its mission. Which, by the way, is:

To improve the economic well-being of Mad River Valley businesses, through leading destination marketing, building brand equity, and creating a unified and engaged culture.

Your Chamber’s leadership has worked to build an outstanding foundation for the organization’s future as well as that of our business community. They embarked on an in-depth analysis of how best to serve its members and the community. They developed a focused strategic plan and a new membership investment structure that has resulted in growing membership, revenues and momentum.

This well-thought, modern plan has me very excited about the possibilities for the Mad River Valley’s future and helping our members achieve their business goals. I look forward to having the opportunity to sit down and share the plan in more detail with you. Please don’t hesitate to call if I can ever be of any assistance.


Eric Friedman
Executive Director