Green Circle

Sometimes the biggest challenge a business has is just getting the word out about what you do. The opportunities for you and your business to be recognized within the Mad River Valley community are abundant.

Benefits at The Green Circle level include:

• business listings, with access to statistics
• Electronic info visitor kiosks throughout the MRV, business listings
• Visitor Center, display brochures and posters
• Social Media, posts showcasing your business
Event Banners hanging on Main Street

• Business Advocacy
• Business Referrals
• Subscription to the Chamber’s Business Blog

Money Savings
• Discounted Dental, and Vision Insurance for you and your employees plan savings average $480-$2150 per year, per employee
• Discounted Sugarbush season pass, for you and your employees up to $350 off
• Exclusive discounts on marketing, activities, and other services including:
– Sugarbush Health & Racquet Club membership 30% / up to $240 off
– Advertising in Sugarbush magazine 10% / up to $330 off
– Membership to The Bridges Fitness Club 10% / up to $105 off
– Listings on 20% / up to $300 off
– Checks, cards, and business forms from Eastern Systems 10% off
– Subscription to Constant Contact 25% / up to $85 off per month


Your membership also includes monthly:

Professional Development WorkshopsLearning from industry experts in marketing & business

Mad Mingles –A social hour, after hours

Coffee & ConversationPresentations from other organizations doing cool things