Green Mountain Photo Show

It’s hard to believe fall is upon us and so is the annual Green Mountain Photo Show. From amateur photographers to professionals, the 30th Green Mountain Photo Show  allows any photographer to showcase works. Throughout its course, the show has managed to round up approximately 60 photographers each year.

This year over 70 photographers from New England to Canada will display their art. David Garten and Michael Jermyn are also expected to make a return. Their work, among the fresh faces this year, will be sure to make a splash.  Pamela Lerner, the driving force behind the first Green Mountain Photo Show, mentioned that at the very first show she and co-founder, Julie Parker, did not know what to expect from participants;  but she revealed that over the years she found this aspect of the Photo Show to be one of its best qualities.

“The variety of the work— amateur and professional— all shows  well together,” said a jubilant Lerner. “[Julie and I] got wonderful stuff. We were blown away.”

Lerner has been inextricably tied to the show ever since she brought it to the Valley 30 years ago when she was a board member of the Green Mountain Cultural Center. At the time, she felt there was a severe lacking in artistic representation from the photography community. In an interview prior to the publication of this article, she expressed her determination to make the show a reality was motivated not only by her love of photography; but she longed for her children to be exposed to all forms of art.

Her love for the show, even after 30 years, has yet to waiver. Lerner offered a glimpse of her devotion to the show over the years as she has meticulously and lovingly arranged all of her notes and newspaper clippings into binders. When she headed the show, she fondly recalled, “[Julie and I] would stay [at the exhibits] until we couldn’t see straight.” Now, after years of hard work and unforgettable photographs, like Young Monks by Wink Willet, the show has become an integral part of the Valley’s identity and an annual enjoyment for evereyone.

The show will hold its opening reception on Thursday, September 12 from 5-7pm in the Red Barn Galleries at Lareau Farm. The show is open in the Barn Thursdays and Fridays from 4-9pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 12-9pm.  It continues through the Fall Vermont Open Studios Weekend, October 5 and 6.  Admission is free. For more information, visit the Valley Arts website at

Written by Grace Heller

Photo: Carla and her daughter at home in Havana, Cuba, May 19, 2019 by David Garten