Gulf and Gap Loop


The Mad River Valley is close to several spectacular waterfalls and scenic gaps through the Green Mountains.

This circle tour brings you to:

  • Granville Gulf
  • Moss Glen Falls
  • Texas Falls
  • Middlebury with its large waterfall in the town center
  • The Appalachian Gap

Be sure to stop and enjoy the views along the way! The photographs of the waterfalls are used with permission of Dean Goss. Take care near the falls, particularly in the winter months.

Start by going SOUTH on VT-100. At 13.2 miles from Waitsfield after passing through Granville Gulf you will arrive at Moss Glen Falls on your right. This 50 foot waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Vermont. There is road side parking here just before you get to the falls so watch for it. There is a small boardwalk where you can enjoy the view.
Continue going SOUTH on VT-100 6.8 miles then turn RIGHT onto SCENIC BYWAY VT-125. Travel 3 miles and turn RIGHT onto TEXAS FALLS ROAD. Here you will find Texas Falls located within the Green Mountain National Forest. If you continue up the road you will find picnic tables. It’s a great spot to stop and enjoy a picnic lunch. There are great walks around the falls in the warmer months, but take care when the falls are frozen.
Head back out to VT-125 and turn RIGHT. Travel 13 miles and turn RIGHT onto US-7N/VT-125N/COURT STREET. Continue on US-7N/VT-125 into the town of Middlebury, home to Middlebury College and another beautiful, quintessential Vermont village. It has a spectacular waterfall right in the center of town. Enjoy the coffee shops, restaurants and stores.
Continue on US-7N/VT-125. You will want to turn LEFT onto NORTH PLEASANT STREET/ US-7N/VT-125. Follow US-7 for 2.9 miles then turn RIGHT onto RIVER ROAD. At 5.1 miles RIVER ROAD becomes VT-116. Travel 2 miles and turn RIGHT onto STONY HILL RD/VT-116/VT-17. Continue to follow VT-17 for 4.3 miles and take SLIGHT RIGHT onto DRAKE WOODS RD/VT-17.
This will take you up and over the Appalachian Gap, past Mad River Glen and back to VT-100 in Waitsfield.