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We are a modern marketing company, rooted right here in the mad river valley. We choose a personal and customized approach to help your business erupt with maximum results, growth, and return on investment. While we utilize high-performance-based social media tactics, We also specialize in a storytelling approach to our marketing strategy.  We have learned that consumers want to feel immersed and connected to people and the experience.   Based on our organic transparent marketing approach,  we attract people to your business with curiosity and connection.  We help people to see and feel beyond the surface of your business.

The backbone of Mad Social Marketing is the authentically vibrant and social extrovert, Nikki Neal. She is a master connector, a gatherer of people, and a skilled collaborator rooted in curiosity, humor, and relatability. The Mad River Valley community holds a special place in Nikki’s heart. It’s a place with undeniably magnetic energy, a dynamic community, and locally owned, brick and mortar businesses that depend on the support of residents as well visitors. Throughout the pandemic, it became statistically clear to Nikki that a strong social media presence is vital for local businesses. It was only a matter of time before Nikki powerfully embraced her heart’s call to build a company catering to the community and offering customized social media services for businesses to share their stories and engage with the community, too. Mad Social Marketing has been a smoldering idea that finally ignited in the spring of 2021.

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