Mountain Driver’s Delight


A drive which features spectacular mountain views, thrilling ups and downs, and the very best foliage that Vermont has to offer. You travel over the Lincoln Gap which, at 2,410′ is the highest one in the state as well as over the Appalachian Gap at 2,365′, the highest gap open all year.

Special features of this drive:

  • The Lincoln Gap, the highest gap in the state
  • The Appalchian Gap, the second highest gap and the highest one open all year
  • Warren Village
  • Waitsfield Village
  • Spectacular views from the Waitsfield – Warren Road

From Waitsfield, take VT-100 to VT-17 and go up, up, and over, taking a minute to stop at the top and enjoy the view of the beaver ponds below. At the bottom of the Gap, VT-17 joins VT 116 and you continue WEST, which is to your LEFT. Just 1 1/2 miles down the road turn LEFT (road to Lincoln and Lincoln Gap). The drive is very scenic along the New Haven River through West Lincoln and Lincoln. Road signs indicate the route to VT-100 and Warren via the Lincoln Gap. Parts of this road are unpaved and very steep. It is well-maintained but closed in winter, for good reason! There are great views along the way. When you get to the top, if you want to stretch your legs, you can go for a short hike either NORTH or SOUTH along the Long Trail. When you get down to VT-100, turn RIGHT for less than 1/10 mile and then turn LEFT into Warren village (shops, antiques, the Warren Store deli/bakery). From the SOUTH end of Warren village, turn UP Fuller Hill Road. At the top of the hill, turn LEFT onto Plunkton Road. At the end of Plunkton Road, turn RIGHT onto the East Warren Road. Continue on for approx. 5 miles, taking in the views across the Valley back toward the ski areas. Follow the East Warren Road around to the LEFT as it goes downhill. Come through the covered bridge and back to VT-100.