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Zoe’s Pilates physical location is open for business as usual! Mat classes and reformer classes are a mix of in person and Zoom clients. Privates can be done in person or via Zoom. Five reformer classes and three mat classes per week. Privates day and times vary.

Pilates was developed and taught by Joseph Pilates from the 1920’s through the 60’s. Since then it has take hold as a form of exercise, mindfulness and rehabilitation. Mr. Pilates was an exercise enthusiast who was also interested in lifestyle and health. He developed this system of training to balance the body. It does this by strengthening the weaker, under-conditioned muscles while simultaneously stretching the overworked, more dominant muscles. In challenging the deep abdominal and spinal muscles Pilates prepares the body for balanced, efficient movement. Zoe is an observant, intuitive, educated instructor. She cares deeply about moving safely through each exercise, through each class and through life. Please visit our website to learn more, and come see us soon!



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