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In memoriam Yoda: June 1996 – June 3, 2013

Yoda, the Wait House Cat left the Valley under the tender care of Dr. Karen Anderson and with her two most-loved humans, Robbie Chula and Susan Klein by her side.

Yoda is best remembered as the Mistress of the General Wait House, greeting guests and visitors with every opening of the door, or escorting them up the walkway from the driveway. Yoda attended virtually every meeting held at the Wait House over the last 15 years of her residency there. Her huge, polydactyl paws deftly sent pens skitteringyoda-polydactyl-copier-paw_300_305

across the meeting room table in hopes of a game of table hockey – usually when she thought the meetings were getting too intense, or not enough attention was paid her.

Yoda’s first mom was Megan Townsend who, in January of 1998, gave a young Yoda to the Wait House to help with the mouse population there. Megan attended Waitsfield Elementary School, and would go nearly every day after school to see Yoda. Over time the visits became less frequent, and Megan grew up and moved away- but followed Yoda on the Chamber’s Facebook page- always the first to comment on a post or photo about Yoda.

For several years, Yoda collected funds at 5 cents per patyoda-polydactyl_300_435 to
send to the Central VT Humane Society for less fortunate cats by lying in a basket on the Visitor Center counter. She had a sign that stated, “I am no just laying here, I am working. 5 cents per pat.” In her working career she raised over $300.

Yoda will be missed by annual visitors, residents, children, and her Wait House humans. In lieu of catnip, donations in her memory can be made to the Central VT Humane Society, 1589 VT Rt 14, East Montpelier VT 05666.

Yoda will be cremated and her ashes placed under her favorite lilac tree by the entry door of the General Wait House, so she can keep an eye on the comings and goings.