Pie Sunday at The Swanson Inn

On most Sunday afternoons the parking lots of our local inns tend to be emptying out as visitors head home after a weekend of fun in the MRV. Meanwhile the lot at The Swanson Inn on Route 17 is overflowing.  Why? Because every Sunday afternoon means it is time for Sunday Pie!  Each week from 3 to 6pm locals and visitors alike vie for a coveted spot in the lot and in the inn’s cozy living rooms waiting in anticipation for some of the best darn pie you’ll ever taste.  There are weekly specials along with classic favorites served along with a variety of teas, coffee, hard cider and beer!   It has become both a culinary and social event not to be missed that is creating a tremendous amount of word of mouth near and far. These delicious pies are homemade by  innkeeper, Tim Heath-Swanson and they range from a variety of cheesecakes, chocolate cakes, fruit pies and tarts to mincemeat pie, key lime pie and Amish Peanut Butter Pies! You can even place an order for whole pies with 24 hours notice. There’s a fresh menu each week – check out the latest offerings!

Tim and his husband Rick bought the old Millbrook Inn in 2018 and have been steadily renovating the inn.  They started with a change in the name and a gorgeous exterior paint job and they are diligently turning their attention to the interior of the historic inn which first opened in 1948.

While they cater to a wide variety of guests throughout the year. They are working hard to attract Long Trail  thru hikers.  Rick and Tim will pick you up at the trailhead, offer dinner and a comfy bed, a load of laundry, a ride to town to re-supply and back up to the trail.  As one hiker said, “I stayed here during my end to end hike on the Long Trail and cannot write enough positive comments about Tim and Rick’s Inn.”