Becoming a Site Steward

Site stewards play an incredibly important role in maintaining and promoting the sustainability of Mad River Valley’s outdoor spaces.


What does being a site steward entail?

  • weekly visits to the site
  • making observations
    • taking pictures of anything amiss
    • noting the amount of litter, cars, etc.
  • picking up any litter (we can provide bags/gloves, and can pick up the bag when you’re finished)
  • reporting back to us on conditions

Site Steward Sign-up Form

List of Sites

Bridge St Swim HoleĀ 

Lareau Swim Hole

Austin Parcel

Blueberry Lake Beach Access North

Blueberry Lake Beach Access South

Blueberry Lake Trailhead

Chase Brook Town Forest

Couples Club

CHSF – Howe Block @ Tucker Hill Rd

Kingsbury Greenway @ Wabanaki Conservation Area

Lovett Park

Mad River Park Recreation Fields

Pines Rest Area

Riverside Conservation Area

Ward Access

Warren Falls

West Greenway @ Meadow Rd

Wu Ledges

Joslin Memorial Library Park & Bridge St (Library Steeps and NW corner of bridge)

(bolded = available)

See the Sites

We appreciate your commitment to our stewardMRV initiative!

If interested in becoming a site steward, please contact us at with which site(s) you would be interested in stewarding, or fill out the Google Form below. Additionally, keep an eye out for our own “Green Up” days!

Site Steward Sign-up Form