5. Great Amazing Bear Contest

It’s time for the MRV 2022 Great Amazing Bear Story Contest!

Whether you moved into the Mad River Valley within the last few years or perhaps it was multiple generations ago, you might have noticed something peculiar.  Many fur covered four-legged locals have been watching you build your dwellings and nestle into the land between your property pins.  It is usually just a matter of time before these neighbors stop by to introduce themselves.  Our community black bears have been doing a lot of that in the last few years and the MRV Bear Initiative wants to hear your best bear stories from 2022.  Share your story with others and you might be eligible to win some cool prizes!


Craft your story and submit it to the MRV Bear Initiative before Sunday March 12th, 2023.  Your story only needs to be long enough to capture our attention.  Submit any or multiple formats of recorded media – pictures, drawings, a link to a video, a poem, a diorama, an essay, etc.  Choose the format that best fits conveying your story.  Selected stories will be shared with the community as educational and inspirational opportunities for all of us to enjoy.

Are you a resident of the Valley?  Would you like to win a bear resistant trash can?  Tell us in a sentence or two what you would do with a bear toter and how it would foster bear harmony in your neighborhood.  Two lucky winners will be randomly drawn from a list of eligible entries to receive either a 64 gallon or a 96 gallon animal proof/resistant receptacle by Toter®.*  Our hope is to increasingly bear-proof our community in order to collectively improve how we coexist with our calorie seeking black bear friends.

Eligibility Criteria:

    • Our hope is to pull the most local of stories so we can learn from each other about living in bear country in the Mad River Valley. But like our black bear friends, great stories are not held to tight boundaries so don’t be shy to share a great story from Vermont or beyond.

    • Stories should be based on true sightings and/or interactions with black bears and preferably from the 2022 calendar year.

    • Eligibility to win a trash toter* requires both:

      • Adding a brief description of what you would do if you were to win a toter.

      • Providing proof that you’re a resident/homeowner of the Mad River Valley including Duxbury, Fayston, Moretown, Waitsfield, and Warren.  These towns directly represent the MRV Bear Initiative and the committee has built this opportunity specifically for you.

    • Stories must be submitted HERE before Sunday March 12th, 2023

    • Please keep your content to under 2 pages and/or less than 3 minutes.  The judges are volunteers and have to get back to their day jobs eventually.

    • Top entries will be selected by MRV Bear Initiative members and shared back to the community through various media channels including, but not limited to, the Valley Reporter, MRVTV, FPF, partner communications, and the multiple educational events we host throughout the year.

Submit Your Story Here