stewardMRV Volunteer Opportunities

The stewardMRV program is dedicated to creating an ethos of stewardship across the Mad River Valley. Whether it’s at a trailhead, down by the river, on a backroad, or in your backyard, there are ways for each of us to be a steward in this community.

stewardMRV supports the diversity of stewardship activities in the Valley by bringing people and organizations together to celebrate and share opportunities to volunteer. Here are just a few;

stewardMRV Site Stewards
Site stewards play an incredibly important role in maintaining and promoting the sustainability of Mad River Valley’s outdoor spaces. What does being a site steward entail?

  • weekly visits to the site – be our eyes and ears at these sites.
  • making observations
    • taking pictures of anything amiss
    • noting the amount of litter, cars, etc.
  • picking up any litter (we can provide bags/gloves, and can pick up the bag when you’re finished)
  • reporting back to us on conditions

Friends of the Mad River
Friends of the Mad River  is a member-supported, nonprofit organization, founded in 1990. Friends is dedicated to stewarding the Mad River Valley’s healthy land and clean water for our community and for future generations. This work is done by learning about the health of the land and water; conserving natural resources; and celebrating this special place. Volunteers help protect the ecological health of the watershed, improve water quality, educate and engage neighbors, and build flood and climate resilience into the landscape.

Mad River Path Trail Steward
Be our eyes and ears on the various Mad River Path segments to help us maintain our trail network. You can also help with specific projects, whether for one hour or all day.

MRV Trail Hub Ambassador
Volunteer your time at the Mad River Valley Trail Hub Visitors Center to share information to visitors and ensure they make the most of their Mad River Valley adventure.

Mad River Riders Volunteer Program
Mad River Rider volunteers contribute thousands of hours every year! We organize trail days throughout the winter, spring, summer and fall, relying on a dedicated group of trained and untrained volunteers to continually maintain our 60+ mile network. We welcome support of all types, from throwing downed limbs off the trails to driving an excavator.

Trout Unlimited
The MadDog Chapter of Trout Unlimited offers volunteer opportunities.

Perform Random Acts of Kindness

  • Pick up trash when you see it.
  • Let the stewardMRV team know if you see something amiss on a trail or at a swim hole.
  • Offer a poop bag for a fellow dog owner in need.
  • Remove brush and branches from trails when you see it.
  • Share your knowledge of the trails and cool outdoor places