The “Almost World Famous” Warren Store

The deli at the Warren Store is a sight to behold!

Valley visitors simply love the Warren Store! A recent social media post is typical; “One of my favorite places in VT, if not my favorite… The deli is one of the best , and the upstairs clothing/gift dept is filled with extremely creative and unique clothing, accessories and gifts,etc. Love the Warren Store.”

Old school penny candy is super yummy!

While the tourists love it, most of us in the Mad River Valley feel the same way.  The Warren Store affords us a place to meet, eat and catch up on the latest happenings in town. Locals surely help to spread the store’s reputation which they say is “almost world famous”.  We beg to disagree, The Warren Store is absolutely World Famous!

Visitors to our area make it their mission to visit The Warren Store because it’s reputation precedes it!  The most recent Warren 4th of July Parade (every bit as famous as the store itself) was streamed live with people from Europe and South America watching intently and the legend continues to grow. While the Warren Store is decidedly “old-school” Jack and his crew keep locals and visitors on top of the news via one of them new fangled blogs. Learn why Jack thinks October is such a special time of year at the Warren Store.

No need to whine as there is plenty to choose from!

When you enter the store, it’s hard to tell where to go first. The smells from the deli in the back lures you towards sandwiches ranging from salmon, capers and “special” sauce, to the Number Six – a Thanksgiving treat, to the Ham & Cabot Cheddar and the list goes on and on.  The homemade curry chicken salad, sesame noodle and vegetarian eggroll are all divine!  And in a little corner off the deli you’ll find delicious and enormous cookies, brownies and of course whoopee pies!  Don’t forget, they have meals to go too.  Can you say Chicken Pot Pie? Yummy!


The wine selection is amazing too and Jack Garvin, Manager for a very, very long time (30+ years) is well versed and happy to share his knowledge. Be sure to ask them when they’ll be having their next Wine Tasting event.

In the front of the store is where you’ll find a vast collection of  “throw back”, penny candy along with other confectionery treats.  In addition, you’ll find popcorn, crackers, chips and all the basics you might need so you don’t have to trudge all the way to the supermarket in a pinch.

The elusive Jack Garvin found roaming around in his natural habitat.

If that was not enough, wander upstairs and you’ll find a shopper’s delight.  Curated by long-time buyer, Lori Klein, every piece of clothing, jewelry, hat, gloves and accessory is unique, special and sure to please. It’s a great place to shop for one-of-a-kind gifts or if you want to treat yourself.  Lori has a knack for finding the coolest and trendiest stuff around. Be sure to stop in and see what’s new.

You’ll be blown away by what you’ll find “upstairs”!

While the Warren Store is a integral part of our community they are also involved on the larger stage. Jack Garvin, the manager was recently on hand when Governor Phil Scott proclaimed October as Vermont Independent Country Store Month. He and Troy Kingsbury from the Village Grocery were there to represent their colleagues at the ceremony.