The Man, the Myth, the Legend behind Buffalo Bill’s Retreat

To locals, Bill White goes by ‘Buffalo Bill’ or ‘Barbeque Bill’, and also some names not fit for publishing!  One of the Mad River Valley’s beloved and famous people, Bill is the kind of guy you want to pal around with, particularly if you’re interested in stories of the Mad River Valley from decades ago, sampling a cocktail from a family recipe, or need someone to give you a tip on fixing your hot tub.

Bill moved to the Valley in 1983 to do what many came to do then – ski bum.  Bill has often said, “I would make work, what works!”  And, Bill has been making work that works since 1985 when he opened his unique lodging property Buffalo Bill’s Retreat, and catering company Barbeque Bill’s.  His 34 years in business have made Buffalo Bill’s one of the longest running owner-operated businesses here.

Bill’s secret to success is, officially, that he is an “on sight steward” of his vacation rental homes.  Taking immaculate care of every detail.  Buffalo Bill’s Retreat features a 5-bedroom Chalet, a 4-bedroom Chalet, and a Studio.  All are nestled in the woods with a view of Sugarbush, which is only 1 minute away!










In the summer, Buffalo Bill’s Retreat is a stone’s throw from the Sugarbush Golf Course, and close to all the summer fun in the Mad River Valley.  With the truly retreat-like amenities, a family or large group could find plenty of fun together-time right on property.

Bill’s secret to success is, unofficially, his own welcoming, fun-loving, personality.  Guests find the accommodations to be great, and working with Bill to be easy, and picking his brain on the Mad River Valley to be unrivaled.  One recent guest said, “My entire New York family shared accommodations at Buffalo Bill’s Retreat for our daughter’s graduation weekend and it was perfect! Thanks, Bill, for memories we will never forget!”

Those who know Bill know that he is always up for a good time.  Back in the “good old days,” that good time might be performing stunts off of snowy roofs, or some other risky show of his ski-bum skills.  Now, a family man – he’s been married to his wife Rosemarie for 25 years, and they have two young adult children – his good time is movie nights at home, tending to their horses, and keeping up with the property.  And, of course, chatting with friends and guests.

What Bill really wants everyone to know, though, is that Buffalo Bill’s Retreat is a year round accommodation when you need a break from the world and perhaps when you’re looking for barbeque for breakfast!