Tourism Day at the Capital

Tourism Day at the State House is coming up on Wedneday March 22 and I am hoping that you will consider joining us to represent the MRV at the event.  The Vermont visitor economy has a $3.2 billion annual economic impact and employs 10% of the Vermont workforce. The MRV is an important tourism region and it i vital that we project a united front. I strongly encourage you to join your colleagues in the tourism and hospitality industry at the State House to engage with legislators and raise awareness of the collective contributions of these industries to the Vermont economy.

How You Can Participate

Tourism Day at the State House is packed with options for partners to participate.
  • Attend the Joint Hearing – Support industry leaders who will be testifying before the House Commerce and Community Development Committee and Senate Economic Development, Housing & General Affairs Committee.
  • Connect With Legislators at Lunch – More information coming soon.
  • Attend House and/or Senate Floor Sessions – Gallery seating is available in the chamber of the House of Representatives and Senate.
  • Visit Your Legislators – Partners are encouraged to connect and schedule meetings with your local legislators throughout the day.
  1. Find your legislative district here, if needed.
  2. Contact your legislators’ offices by email or phone to let them know that you will be attending Tourism Day on March 22, 2023and would like to meet with them during lunch or the reception.
  3. Having trouble finding their contact information? Contact the Sergeant at Arms’ office at 802-828-2228 or


  • 8–9 a.m. Coffee with Governor Scott
    Governor’s Ceremonial Office, Vermont State House (2nd floor)
  • 9–11a.m. Joint Hearing on The Visitor Economy
    Pavilion Auditorium, Pavilion Building (109 State St.)
  • 11a.m.–1p.m. Lunch with Legislators
    Cafeteria, Vermont State House (2nd floor)
  • 1–3 p.m. Committee Testimony
    Committee Rooms, Vermont State House
  • 3 p.m. House Floor Devotional and Resolution
    House Chamber, Vermont State House
  • 4–6 p.m. Reception
    Cafeteria, Vermont State House (2nd floor)