Valley Arts Banner Competition

Have your design printed on a 3’ x 15’ banner for display in the Mad River Valley.

Creatively express the relationship/connection between art and the community.

Judging will be based on the clarity of your design message.

First prize $250 – Second prize $100 – Designs Due August 26, 2020


  • Create your design in any medium.
  • Design must fit the 3’ x 15’ proportion.
  • Design must be in a horizontal format.
  • Design must include the Valley Arts logo or the words “Valley Arts”.

How to submit:

  • Send an email addressed to
  • In the subject line place the words banner competition – (your name)
  • In the body of the email include in this order:
    your name
    your address
    your phone number
    an email address
    medium used to create the design
  • Provide a brief statement about your design
  • Attach your design as a jpeg image to the email:
    proportion must be in the 3’x15’ horizontal format
    jpeg should be 1500 px on the longest side and 300 px on the vertical side
    72 resolution

The Vermont arts community has been greatly impacted by the pandemic. Galleries have far less traffic or are closed entirely, art shows aren’t happening and events have been cancelled. Despite this backdrop the  Mad river Valley’s art community isn’t taking it lying down and they are fighting back in, not surprisingly, creative ways.

One great example is a  banner contest initiative begun by Valley Arts, a non-profit organization dedicated to promotion of the arts in the Mad River Valley. They are offering cash prizes to artists for the best design of a banner that promotes the interconnectivity of arts and community. The winning banner will be produced and prominently displayed in downtown Waitsfield.

“Artists, galleries and aficionados of the arts have been hard-hit this summer and this is a way to celebrate the arts and how important they are to visitors and and residents alike,” says Valley Arts President, Gary Eckhart. He adds, “We see it as a way to engage the arts community and provide a platform to help everyone.”

The competition is open to all Vermont artists. Entries will be judged on clarity of message, creativity and and its ability to express the relationship and connection between art and community. All submissions that can be captured in a photo image/electronic file for printing on a large outdoor banner will be considered. First prize is $250 in cash and $100 for second prize.

Valley Arts logoValley Arts is s a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, The Mission of Valley Arts is to promote and encourage participation in the Creative Endeavors of the community.They also actively promote the creative endeavors of other arts-related businesses and organizations in the Mad River Valley.