Our Volunteers Are The Best!

Okay, we need to brag for a minute.

The Mad River Valley Chamber of Commerce operates the Mad River Valley Visitor Information Center.  We help visitors from all over the world find their way around the Valley.  How many visitors?  Well, we had over 200 in just the first week of this month!  We also take phone calls, and respond to email inquiries from guests who are making decisions and plans to visit the Valley.

In order to do this important job well, we rely on a stable of volunteers.  Our volunteers are dedicated, caring Valley residents who enjoy talking with people about the Mad River Valley.  While they volunteer with us because they love the area and want to support the businesses, we think it’s important to show them our gratitude!  That’s why we created the Mad River Valley Ambassador Program.

The MRV Ambassador Program provides rewards to our volunteers, based on the number of shifts they work in a month.

  • If they cover 5+ shifts, they get to pick a reward from ‘basket 1’ — ex: discount coupons, freebies
  • If they cover 10+ shifts, they get to pick a reward from ‘basket 2’ — ex: dining and shopping gift certificates, free products
  • If they cover 15+ shifts, they get to pick a reward from ‘basket 3’ — ex: activities, over-night stays, gift baskets

We are reaching out to you, our member businesses, to help fill these baskets with rewards.  Please consider donating!  Your donation can be anything — from products to discount coupons to gift certificates to experiences!

Not only will your donations help us maintain a quality Visitor Information Center experience in the Mad River Valley, but it will give you an opportunity to engage your business directly with our volunteers.

Please contact Ginger Berkelhamer at 802-496-3460 or ginger@madrivervalley.com with your questions and/or donations.  And, please spread the word about our MRV Ambassador Program.  We are always looking for more volunteers!