Mountain Biking

Bicyclists will find an extensive network of mountain biking trails as well as miles and miles of well-maintained two-lane blacktop. Bike rentals and a bicycle repair/work stand for the general public are available at Inverness Sports in Waitsfield and at the Sugarbush Adventure Gear Shop in Gate House at Lincoln Peak. Guided mountain biking as well as route maps are available from Mad River Riders.
Road Rides
Granville Gulf Ride – Easy
0.0 Start at Stark Mountain Bike Works (496-4800), south (right) onto Route 100 11.7 Top, Granville Gulf 15.8 Granville Bowl Mill (turn around) 19.9 Top, Granville Gulf 31.6 Return to Bike Shop
German Flats/Plunkton Road Ride – Moderate/Strenuous
0.0 Start at Stark Mountain Bike Works, west on Route 17 1.6 Left, German Flats Rd. 5.1 Right, Sugarbush Access Rd. 6.0 Left, Inferno Rd. 6.9 Left, West Hill Rd. 15.2 Right onto Route 100 to the Top of the Granville Gulf (turn-around) 16.2 Right, Plunkton Rd. 20.1 Straight, East Warren Rd. 26.5 Left, Route 100 south 27.6 Return to Bike shop
Plunkton Road/West Hill Road Ride – Strenuous
0.0 Start at Stark Mountain Bike Works, north (left) onto Route 100 1.0 Right, Bridge Street 1.4 Right, East Warren Rd. 7.4 Left, Plunkton Rd. 11.4 Left, Route 100 south 16.6 Granville Bowl Mill (turn-around) 20.7 Top of the Granville Gulf 27.3 Left, West Hill Rd. (NOTE: Those who want can ride the direct, much easier route on Route 100 north back to the bike shop.) 28.3 Right, Golf Course Rd. 29.6 Right, Sugarbush Access Rd. 30.0 Left, German Flats Rd. 33.5 Right, Route 17 35.2 Finish, Stark Mountain Bike Works
Mountain Bike Rides
For mountain biking loops please visit the link below for a map of local single track.  You can also call 496-4800 or visit Stark Mountain Bike Works at the junction of routes 17&100.  SMBW can print out the attached map and explain how best to get to the trailhead.
Mad River Greenway – Easy Ride
Start at Stark Mountain Bike Works head north (left) onto Route 100 for 2 miles turn right onto Tremblay Road (just past Kenyons Farm & Feed).  1/4 mile up Tremblay Road on the left is the trailhead for the Mad River Greenway.  Follow dirt trail to the end, turn around and head back to the bike shop.

Mountain Biking Events