Summer, Other Activities


Summer, Other Activities IN VERMONT'S MAD RIVER VALLEY

Not all of the Mad River Valley’s activities revolve around recreation. We urge you to enjoy other opportunities, like soaring over the Valley in silent glider! Take a chairlift ride at Sugarbush – and hike or ride back down. Ask a local person about secret swimming holes, or stop at a yard sale to find a treasure.  Bring the children to the library for story time – or visit the historical exhibit at the General Wait House in Waitsfield.  Visit the Icelandic Horse Farm and get to know some of the Valley’s most interesting denizens.

Vermont Food & Farm Tours (802) 922-1832

Vermont Food & Farm Tours.  GET YOUR HANDS DIRTY AND TASTE BUDS DELIGHTED IN THESE CUSTOMIZED WORKSHOPS/TOURS. Guided, memorable, hands on food and farm tour/workshop experiences for people who love healthy delicious food. We believe that food is our medicine. Wander through a medicinal herb garden and sample various plants. Savor some organic herbal tea. Hike through the beautiful Vermont woods, breathe the fresh air, and identify which mushrooms are growing in the wild, if they are safe to eat, and what they taste like. Learn how to grown your own shiitake mushrooms. Pluck a pea off the vine. Pop a sweet cherry tomato into your mouth. Put your hands in the warm soil and plant something. Pick some veggies and enjoy an organic lunch. Soak up some vitamin D while you are petting a horse. Come with your curiosity and ask questions. Eat, Play, Learn. Pre-scheduled and pop up tours. Great activity for wedding goers, anniversary celebrations, reunions, vacationers, food lovers, farm lovers, and more.

Clearwater Sports (802) 496-2708

Enjoy canoeing and kayaking, stand up paddleboarding, paddleboard yoga or tubing the Mad River and surrounding lakes. Or backpacking and hiking in the summer and fall.

Sugarbush Soaring (802) 496-2290

Powerless glider rides high above the Mad River Valley. Private flight instruction and camps.