When Mad River Valley locals head out to explore and experience other parts of Vermont you might hear them say that “we’re going VermonTouring”. The Mad River Valley’s central location in the heart of the Green Mountains makes it an ideal launch pad to explore Vermont. With a little planning, you’ll be amazed at how much there is to see. Whether you are looking for a short drive around town, an hour or two for a full-day excursion there are some classic tour loops emanating from the Mad River Valley. Here are a few suggestions;

History Tour of South-central Vermont

This tour heads south from the MRV down iconic VT Route 100 towards the Calvin Coolidge Homestead, the birthplace and historic site of Vermont’s only Presidential before heading east and up the Connecticut River Valley. Highlights include Grafton Village, the American Precision Museum, the King Arthur Baking Center, Dartmouth College and the Joseph Smith Birthplace.…

Capital District Excursion

Along this 55 mile loop you’ll visit Vermont’s twin cities of Montpelier and Barre. Montpelier is America’s smallest state capital while its neighbor, Barre is the granite capital of the world. There are lots of beautiful and interesting attractions along the way.

The Green Mountain Byway

The Green Mountain Byway – Explore the scenery, recreation, history and culture of Central Vermont’s Green Mountains. Capped by Mount Mansfield (Vermont highest peak) and the Smugglers’ Notch mountain pass, you’ll find something for everyone! Get outside, get going, and celebrate Vermont along the towns and villages of the Green Mountain Byway.

Northfield – Roxbury Route 12 Loop

The Northfield Mountains create the eastern edge of the Mad River Valley. This 37 mile loop  goes over two of the gaps that criss-cross the range. It features stretches of the scenic Mad River Byway along the Mad River before it heads up and over to Northfield Falls,  the home to Vermont’s highest concentration of…

East Warren Loop

This 10 mile loop delivers long vistas and bucolic agricultural landscapes. If you can stop, park and stretch out those legs, this adventure has lots of places to enjoy a walk.

West Hill Loop

This is a great add-on loop if you want to explore the beautiful landscape above Warren Village and back around via the Lincoln Gap Road. Consider making a side-trip “UP” the Lincoln Gap to check out this magnificent, steep passage over the Green Mountains. Don’t forget Lincoln Gap goes unplowed and is closed for the…

Bragg Hill Loop

This relatively short loop delivers some of the MRV’s most spectacular views year-round. Hard up against the intersection of Route 100 & Route 17 turn up Bragg Hill Road. You’ll come across Knoll Farm and then the views really open up. Stop by the South Fayston cemetery to take in iconic MRV views and explore one of the…

Classic Mad River Valley Driving Tour

If you’re pressed for time and you can do just one jaunt around the MRV on your visit, this is the one! It’s also a great way to get the proverbial “lay of the land.” It’s a loop starting and ending at the MRV Chamber Visitor Center. Tack on some of the other adjoining loops…

The Full Monty – Covered Bridge Tour

This 39 mile driving tour that begins at the MRV Chamber Visitors Center takes a leisurely one and a half hours that brings you through 7 covered bridges while offering spectacular views and pleasant opportunities to sample the local flavor along the way. Here are the bridges you’ll discover along the way; The Great Eddy Bridge,…

Local Covered Bridge Tour

This trek begins at the Mad River Valley Chamber of Commerce office on, well, Bridge Street in historic Waitsfield Village. The scenic drive takes you on a 19 mile trip that takes in 3 bridges: The Great Eddy, the Pine Brook and Warren Village covered bridges. There is spectacular scenery along the way on the,…

Mad River Byway

The best way to experience the Mad River Valley is to explore the scenic Mad River Byway. The Mad River Byway is one of a collection of scenic Vermont roads recognized for their archeological, cultural, historic, natural recreational or scenic qualities. The Mad River Byway stretches 36.5 miles and winds its way through Middlesex, Moretown,…

The Northern Loop

This 76 mile tour takes you north to Waterbury, Stowea dn up through Morrisville. Then it wraps around the Worcester Mountains through Scenic Elmore and Worcester along scenic Route 12. You end up in our state capital of Montpelier before retuning back to “the valley” via the Mad river Byway. See the Map! Highlights: Legendary…

Lake Champlain via Hinesburg and Charlotte

A beautiful drive over the 2,365′ Appalachian Gap to the crystal waters of Lake Champlain with some opportunities for sightseeing along the way. Of special interest: The Shelburne Museum The Vermont Teddy Bear Factory The Charlotte – Essex, N.Y. Ferry From VT-100 in Waitsfield, turn onto VT-17 and head WEST over the Appalachian Gap, the…

Double Gap Tour

This drive features spectacular mountain views, thrilling ups and downs, and the very best foliage that Vermont has to offer. You travel over the Lincoln Gap which, at 2,410′ is the highest one in the state as well as over the Appalachian Gap at 2,365′, the highest gap open all year. See the Map! Highlights…

Covered Bridges

This 42 mile driving tour that begins at the MRV Chamber Visitors Center takes a leisurely one and a half hours that brings you through 7 covered bridges while offering spectacular views and pleasant opportunities to sample the local flavor along the way. Here are the bridges you’ll discover along the way; The Great Eddy Bridge,…

Vermont State House

In Montpelier you can explore one of the nation’s oldest and best preserved state capitols. As you tour our halls and chambers, you will develop a sense of what makes this historic building, and the state for which it was built, unique. The Vermont capitol also operates on the principle of open government and all…

Lake Champlain

The lake offers scenic cruises, luxury cruises for those who wish to be wined and dined, and sailing for those who like to chart their own course. The lake may even have its own monster called of course Champ. Samual Champlain himself supposedly saw it when he visited the lake – so perhaps you will…


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Lawson’s Finest Liquids

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Open Studio Weekend at the Festival Gallery

5031 Main St., #2 Village Square, Waitsfield Vermont
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Sugarbush Soaring

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The Collection

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