Specialty Foods/Wine/Liquor


Specialty Foods/Wine/Liquor IN VERMONT'S MAD RIVER VALLEY

Warren Store (802) 496-3864

Warren Store & More! Head upstairs for an eclectic mix of items from all over the world.

Mad River Distillers (802) 496-6973

Now an “awarding winning” distillery!  The Maple Aged Rum won two gold medals in recent competitions and the Corn Whisky won a silver and bronze.  The Mad River Valley is nestled in the Green Mountains of Vermont. In a state known for its beauty and character, the Mad River Valley is a truly exceptional place.…


SUGAR FISH VT (A Quality Seafood Market) (802) 382-7776

From the Ocean Floor to your Mountain Door!Sugar Fish VT sells over 20 different varieties of  seafood for your enjoyment.  At Sugar Fish VT,  the Skipper strives to source the highest quality seafood that is mostly wild caught and processed within the USA.   Our mission is to share our seafood with the Mad River Valley and beyond at the lowest possible pricing.

Lawson’s Finest Liquids 802-496-HOPS

Lawson’s Finest was founded in 2008 by Sean and Karen Lawson. Lawson’s Finest Liquid’s goal is to provide beers of the highest quality and outstanding freshness, featuring world-class IPA’s and unique maple brews, while emulating the best of widely appreciated styles. In 2018 Lawson’s Finest opened their Waitsfield brewery, taproom and retail store. The Waitsfield hand-hewn…


Mad River Taste Place 802-496-3165

The MAD RIVER TASTE PLACE offers a curated retail experience where locals and visitors can learn about, taste, and purchase food and beverages originated in the Mad River Valley and throughout Vermont. Occupying a thoughtfully repurposed bank building you can read the stories of the makers, meet the artisan of the day and sample their products, take…