Mad River Valley – Marketing Events

What is it? This fund replaces the Community Sponsorship (marketing) Program (CSP), but is just as crucial to our community’s success as was the CSP.  We will collect pledges of participation from our membership in the fall and then ask local event organizers to submit applications for grant funds from the chamber.

Once the applications are received, a synopsis of each event will be prepared and sent to those who are participating in the MRV-ME program. Those participants will vote, based on several criteria, how they wish to award the funds. The input from the participants will be tallied using a weighted average, and grants awarded.

Why should I participate? This will be the funding mechanism that will incubate and help to grow local events (& weddings). In order to attract new events, support fledgling events, or help current events reach new plateaus there will need to be a source of funding. 80% of all funds in the MRV-ME will be earmarked for those purposes. 20% will go to general marketing of the Valley, events, and weddings.

YOU can participate in the decision making of how the money will be spent, but your participation should not replace your own event sponsorships.

What does it cost? One share is equal to the amount of your chamber dues. If your chamber dues are more than $1500 per year, each share is capped at $1500. You may invest in as many shares as you like in increments equal to your dues amount. Each share is equal to one vote in event grant decisions.

If you calculate your dues and they went down from last year, please consider shifting the ‘savings’ to the MRV-ME investment so we can keep supporting events that bring visitors from near and far to the Valley.