A Leap of Faith at Solace Bed & Breakfast

“Leaps of faith and change are scary, and the path doesn’t always go in the direction you think it will.  But it is so worth it in the end.”  

Carol and Gary Rutkowski

Words written by Carol Rutkoski, new owner of Solace B & B (formerly Beaver Pond).  She and her husband, Gary, spent many years in “the corporate world” when they decided to leave.  Friends thought they were crazy from walking away from good salaries and the “fast paced life”.  But as Carol and Gary explain, “at what cost”, not worth it.

This is not an unusual story.  So many people in The Mad River Valley choose a life of simplicity and beauty over big bucks and traffic!  For those of us who know, it is a well kept secret.  Not because we want it all to ourselves, but because, as Carol states, to take a leap of faith is scary.

Gary and Carol have proved the theory that life is short and if you are experiencing burn out-do something

The beautiful Solace B & B in the winter.

different.  Their choice to buy the Solace B & B and invest in The Mad River Valley is another example of the economic explosion going on here.  They are running it like a traditional bed and breakfast, but it is also suitable for a whole house vacation rental.

Not only are they getting rave reviews for their breakfast, thanks to Gary, comments about Carol’s apres ski cheese

Looks so good!

platter is a hit as well!  Located so close to Sugarbush Resort, it is an ideal inn for the winter skier or summer golfer!  Book early!