Worth driving 1600 miles to The Village Grocery.

One guy drove all the way from Oklahoma City to go to the Village Grocery (or, ‘the VG’, as locals lovingly call it).

“Well, I drove to see my parents too,” he confesses, “but what great food they make, and their beer selection is awesome.  It’s a must stop if you are in the Mad River Valley.”

And, this intrepid traveler is right.  Those of us who live around here, can’t count on both hands all the reasons one goes to the VG in any given week.

Let’s try:

Gas (that gives back to charity). Fresh squeezed orange juice. Self-serve creamees (maple, yum!).  The beer cave.  You’re curious about that one, aren’t you?!  Soups, salads, sandwiches, and daily hot lunch specials.  Breakfast. Hotdogs. Lobster. Fresh pizza to rival any New York pizzeria.  A fine wine.  A quick coffee.  Your weekly (or, ahem, daily) chocolate fix.  Or your fix of local character, camaraderie and catching up on the news of the Valley.

I ran out of fingers.  Seriously, if we gave you the inventory list of all the things you can get at the VG… it would probably take you a full day to read it.  We recommend you just go see for yourself.

Looking for an officiate for your wedding?  The Village Grocery owner, Troy Kingsbury, can be of service.  He’s ordained.  Another interesting fact about Troy: he is an ex-race car driver.  Now married with two kids, he sticks to the speed limit (or so he says)!

Troy works most days at the store to take care of all the little details. If you can’t find him there, he is likely building a metal sculpture or a unique lamp.  Guess where you can go to see his artwork?  Yup.  The VG.

Troy grew up right here in the Mad River Valley and people describe his “commitment to the community” as his best quality (ok, he probably does drive the speed limit).  Community is clearly the ethos at the VG; it shows in all the creative details and events hosted there throughout the year.  Follow them on social media to stay in the know.

On the deli menu, the Mad River Valley Ranch sandwich, is described as ‘Rolling hills, great people, and this sandwich are just a few things that make the MRV great.”  The VG itself is certainly another.