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The Art Among Us

Revealing ourselves, sharing our inner most thoughts, letting others in.  For many, the art we make for ourselves is kept for ourselves.  Sharing it, hanging it on a wall, letting others see what we have created can be a difficult step.  But once done can be liberating, exciting, and even freeing.  This is exactly what…

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SPA Yoga – relaxing practice for every body

SPA Yoga experience

SPA Yoga® is a slow-flow, floor-based, whole-body sensory experience  designed to restore and relax while opening the body for the art of the possible. By engaging all five of the senses with calming candlelight, soothing music, aromatherapy, lots of hands-on assists, neck and shoulder massage, and a renewed awareness of taste (including chocolate!), SPA Yoga…

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Camp Meade’s Winter S’Morestice Celebration

Come one, come all to Camp Meade’s Winter S’Morestice Celebration to help create the world’s largest S’More and celebrate the light and warmth of the historic fireplace built for Camp Meade, Middlesex, with the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930’s. The December 29 event features music, food, fire artists and dancers as well as ‘burnaments’…

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